Four Envelope One Roof

A toolbox for economic pressure

Lecture - Subjectivity And Design

Shiraz Architect Festival


A hostel in the historical context of Shiraz city

A Room

Small scale as a member of projects

Haft Pich

Exploring Architectural Improvements, Collaboration with Morfact

Facade Improvment

Facade with column and beam


Apartment Without Room

Pin Part One

A House with a Void


Storage and Garage

Cozy Island

Learn From Pandemic

Bagh-e Takht

Rehabilitation center

Text, Project Feedback

A failure: Live Your Dream with huge Pots and Lost Flowers!

Look out Point

Study Model - Ver.03

Workshop - Bathroom no.02

Work in Farm - 2023

Gathering Area , Cinema and Cafe

Pilot Study

Bivouac no.1

Study Model

bivouac no.2

Study Model

bivouac no.3

Study Model


Work with BLUSH

lecture | Sarasar Platform

The issue of the Workers Room

Lecture | Shiraz University

Worker Room and Problematizing the present moment

Urban Acupuncture

Workshop | Shiraz University

Lecture | Shiraz University - TechLAB

Worker Room and Temporary issue

Worker's Room

A site-specific temporary room, 1st Place Memar AWARD


Building in slope

Grass Pavilion

Workshop In Grassland

View point Ver.02

Frame a view

Poonehzar Farm

Defy reality of practice

Workshop - Bathroom no.01

Work in Farm

Shiraz Bus Station

Won First Place Competiotion


space and the leisure character

4 Room 1 Wall

Be in nature

Rural hotel

Walls, Rooms, Not public but public


Open-ended Plan with Privacy Measures

Honarvar Studio

Live + Work

Topos, Island Lookout Point

Competition, 2nd winner

A building, a tree

Negotiating with the law


35 meter and complexity

1 Day Workshop

Fire Place

Workshop, Honarvar Studio

Pappmaché as a material

A Cabinet

Kitchen design

Sharifi House

Interior design, Standard

A villa for Aida

A villa with a Void and Slope roof

Text: Throughout History or in Opposition

Exploring Contrasting Narratives

Study Model

Working with Soil

Facade 01

Set Extension

Container - First taste of practice

Temporary and Practical